Setup Jupyter notebook default folder in Anaconda

I had to perform a clean install of my computer and struggled to get Jupyter properly configured. The default folder is located on C:\, but all my files are in my cloud folder on another hard drive.

There is no way to easily change the default folder from Anaconda, so here’s how to proceed :

First, launch the command prompt from Anaconda by clicking on “Open Terminal” (from any environment)


The enter the following command : jupyter notebook –generate-config, and wait a few seconds :

This will create a file named “” in your user folder. Open this file and search for “#c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir = ‘

Do not forget to remove the # symbol to uncomment and insert the path to your notebooks folder, using forward slashes, e.g. D:/MyFiles/Notebooks/Python

Restart Anaconda and you’re done !

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  1. what about Ubuntu 18.4? it looks that it already comes with jupyter set in another path, and thus it doesn let me import libraries from anaconda…


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